Are the OxSkee Morons playing hat tricks on the rest of the league?

You see what they did there?  Because Eric wears a hat, so they took pictures with all three of them wearing it. Hat tricks. Oh,  those clever kids on OxSkee Morons. They must have gone to a really good school. Like Georgia Tech. Or maybe Elon. Hmm, makes you wonder, right?

Not gonna lie, I’m kinda surprised that this squad hasn’t broken 900 yet this skeeson. You’d think with Skeezy E (Skeeson I Champions Chalice winner), and Beth and Amanda (both sophomore studs who have stepped it up big time from their rookie campaigns), that they’d be crushing high scores left and right. But they are sitting comfortably in 2nd place, so there’s that. Plus there’s still two weeks left, so maybe they’ll give me an early Xmas present and drop a few 900’s my way!

PS  Eric – just creeped on your FB page to double-check that you actually did go to GT, and came across your super sultry profile pic.  Don’t think I won’t be borrowing that kick-ass wig and headband next time I’m down there!

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