Coming up just a little “shortskee” on the math!


Let me start by saying that 345 is a SERIOUS score and something I would normally never joke about. Flava Fraz aka Mike Fraser aka the guy who runs the freakin’ league, hasn’t even come close to that yet. So pats on the back and golf claps for Annie “Shortskee” Beckler for rolling that well!

That being said….the calculators are there for a reason, mis compadres.  Listen, I wasn’t there when this all went down, but according to Fraz, Shortskee emailed him asking why her score on the stats page was only listed as a 345 and why she didn’t get a shout for her 395 (and rightfully so).

So The Commish had to explain to her that she may have had some mathematical errors on her scorecard. Errors equaling up to 50 points. Yikes!

Will she blush when she reads this article? You betcha.  Will she laugh it off and come out and actually roll a 395 this week? I got a $20 that says yes.  Keep it up, shortskee!

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