Flave Fraz channels his inner Duck Hunt and leads The Gary Gaetskees to a new Chicago team record!

Fraser’s squad put up a helluva number in Week 6, and when I asked him how it went down, I got this:

Ok, so the story with this is it was Ugly Holiday sweater week. My teammates had been rolling lights out as of late while I continued to struggle and try new techniques. Fast ball grip, right foot forward, less back swing/ more follow through…nothing worked. So, the only other thing I could think of was to take a bunch of shots. I did about 6 Jager shots prior to the match and through pure carelessness I adopted a “palm grip” and literally just underhand shot putted the ball into the rail (bank roll) with no grace or spin and the balls kept falling in the 40’s and occasionally the 50’s. Hit my first combo of my life. My hundo’s were on lock as well. 630, 570…never below a 300 on a hundo round. In the 8th frame I had well surpassed 300 (for maybe the second time ever) and had my eye on 400 and setting the single highest score and proceeded to roll a 415, which I thought at the time was the highest, and our the Gaetskees as a whole set a team high with 1153. The celebration was jubilant and felt far and wide….Actually there was hardly anyone in the bar because we were the 10:30pm slot but we took to facebook immediately to gloat and share the news.
The only caveat is when i woke up in the morning “Davey A” from 3 Headed Monster and lane push up fame posted that he in fact rolled a 416…making me the 2nd highest score/not first. Very deflating to say the least.

Congrats boys!

PS If you’re wondering why the Duck Hunt theme, check out Fraser’s sweater from that night on the RT cover (close up shot below).  All joking aside, I would 110% rock this sweater on the regular.

PPS 6 jager shots, huh? Ouch.  I’m no stranger to the various 2 oz beverages served at the bar, but I’ll do everything in my power to avoid Jager. I learned years ago that it sends me into a dark dark place where I either get into fights with the wrong people or get into bed with the wrong people. The night I met Fun Boy for the first time I had thrown back some  Jagermeister and was on a whole new level. He still tells the story of that night to this day.  Jager = the devil’s juice.

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