SexSkee Ladies getting Comfy

Ok so this is an article talking about the underdogs of the league starting to get into a groove. In week 7, they got Comfy in their PJs and rolled very well.  Over the past couple weeks, they have been taking advice from some of the veterans and they have been making their push to get into the playoffs. Kelley is trying still to prove that she has what it takes to be great, like her brother Scott ‘The Weatherman’ King who is one of the Elite Rollers in Atlanta. Kelley is however not the strongest on her team as she rolls with two other beauties Hannah Friel and Nitzan Auz who are in their RookSkee Skeeson also. They are improving and in next Skeeson, I see them being a serious threat to other teams and the rankings. They are starting to hang with some of the big Dawgs in the League but it is experience that they are gaining which is the most important thing.  The pressure is on in this final week as they are fighting for their lives and their first playoff birth during week 8 and stay in the hunt for the Champions Chalice.



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