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Well I hope y’all had a great Thanksgiving with your friends and family and that your elbows got plenty of rest.  I know there had to be some nagging injuries out there so maybe that week off got us all healed and ready to roll some more. 


Lane 1: Let’s Get Skeeysical vs HootSkee and The Blowfish- This is a very even match. It’s tough for me to say who is going to win this one. Blueskee however was rolling like a man possessed at Superoll a few weeks ago. I think that he is the difference maker in this game and Hootskee takes it.

Lane 2: TopSkee vs Skee Z Top-  Skee Z Top is still a very new team. Next skeeson they will be a force to be reckoned with. Bearcat has had trouble finding the hundo lately but I don’t think that makes too much of a difference. Top Skee should win this without any issues. 


Lane 1: Murder She Skeed vs C’est Skee Bon- Murder she Skeed will absolutely destroy this team. Here lately they haven’t been showing up. It’s hard to win if you don’t play.


Lane 2: Skees on a Plane vs TipSkees- Skees on a Plane are the best team in Atlanta regardless of division. Tipskees aren’t bad but Skees on a Plane should handle this team and every other team in Atlanta without too much of a problem. That is of course until the Chase for the Chalice where we all know anything can happen on Super Saturday!




Lane 2: Hot Dog down a Skee Lane vs OxSkees Morons- Oxskee Morons are looking really good in that hat and I think that while the hat has nothing to do with who wins that they will still prevail. The girls on this team are really really good and Skeezy E is consistent to say the least. This one will be pretty close because Boston Cajun and Kelly Moran have been picking up their games to another level has of the past two weeks. If you haven’t guessed it yet this is my match of the week!


North Division


Lane 1: Skeena – Mahna vs All in the FamSkee- Skeena is looking pretty solid this skeeson and they are really really starting to come into their own. Look for them to win this match but not by much All in the Famskee is starting to show that they have what it takes to compete in the league with some of the big teams.

Lane 2: SexSkee Ladies vs The Big LebowSkee- Sexskee ladies haven’t had too much success and I hate to say it seeing as this is my little sisters team, but I don’t see them getting the W this week. I like that the girls are always there though having a good time. They have really made the week more fun. I see them playing next Skeeson and as Sophmores being some great rollers who know how to have fun.



Lane 1:  Skeepin’ it Real vs What’s Long, Hard, and Full of Skeemen?- Skeemen are gonna continue to dominate all the way to the championship where they will lose their only match to Skees on a Plane. Remember that I called it when it happens. They have no trouble getting through this week unscathed.

( Editors Note: I think that Super Saturday anything can happen and Skeeson III has had some interesting twist and agree I think Skees on a Plane do win the Chalice! )

Lane 2:  The 3 Muskeeteers vs Skees of Kennesaw- Skees have this one however I have lost my first regular skeason match ever and I’m kinda sad about it. I will unfortunately have to take it out on the Boyds and I apologize in advance.


Lane 1: Skeebaggers vs DeltSkees of KSU-  Deltskees of Kennesaw are havin a pretty rough go of it this skeeson and that won’t stop with this week unfortunately for them. Skeebaggers are consistently inconsistent but they will still come away with the win on this one.

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  1. hotpocket

    Alright weatherman we all appreciate your input and I love me teammates but for godsakes everywhere its all about bluskee when you do your picks for our team. Look back its all blu…. show some love hello even hate for us others lol

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