Ahhh Skee; Au Jus

“Let’s go to Arby’s.”  – What chilling last words.  If only they could have been warned about how mercilessly they would be attacked.  No one would see it coming really, and it would all be over just as quickly as it started.  They were blindsided.  It was later deduced that it was an ambush by six people all armed with plastic containers of the sweet special sauce.  Others thought it was a lone man with 6 packets himself.  All that we do know, was on this day, at that hour…. THERE WAS AN AU JUS FIGHT!!!!!

Luckily, no one was seriously injured and Ahhhhh Skee Skee Skee was able to fight through the embarrassment of looking like they eat food like  a 3 year old to roll their highest score ever!  Week 4 saw these ladies break 700 with a 738 and they want to keep climbing.  They are one of only two teams in the league to better their score each week.  What will we see out of them down the stretch of the Skeeson?  At the pace they are at, It’s looking like they are going to have a say as to which teams will be playing on Super Saturday.

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