Are these the best team shirts yet?

We covered You Can’t Skee Me a few weeks ago — a pure rookie squad that made some serious waves this skeeson, finishing up ranked #2, but then choking in the Final Four on Super Saturday.

But how sweet are those shirts, huh?  And I actually liked the back design more than the front (and that’s saying a lot), but I couldn’t find a pic of the back anywhere.

PS  Scotty (pictured on the right) volunteered to give me a ride back to my car / the bar the morning after their Super Saturday. So a few of us are getting ready to pile in his car and he starts cleaning out some space.  He pulls out a hockey stick and I say “oh, you play hockey man?” and he says “not really, I use it as an ice scraper.”  Absolutely classic.  Scotty “The Scraper” Marion. Boom.

Latest Comments
  1. The Duchess

    Hockey stick as an ice scraper? Homeboy BELONGS in the beantown!

  2. Pistol

    I also dig the stick & the shirts

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