Bangarang! Best tattoo cover up EVER!

So the story goes that this guy lost a bet a while back and had to get a tattoo of Edward from the Twilight series. (Side note: I’d love to know what the bet was and what the stakes were for the other party involved….)  And then recently he got it covered up / transformed into Rufio from Hook.  Bangarang indeed!  I thought maybe Scooter, WonderBoy, and CT of Rufskee-OOO (Raleigh) would enjoy this little gem.



PS  Hook has got to be one of the Top 10 movies you saw growing up, right?  We even named one of our dogs Rufio. Classic flick!

PPS Per the usual, these awesome team unis were brought to you by Aubrey at Mom ‘n’ Pop’s Print Shop. Check out some of her other skee-shirts here, or order your own customized ones!

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