Boston Skeeson III Super Saturday, aka The Derek Morgan show!


Is anyone else noticing a very bizarre pattern here? If not, allow me to spell it out for you:

Skeeson XVI in Charlotte, Rowdy Roddy won the HRT and also led his squad to the Chalice.

Skeeson IX in Raleigh, Evan led the Average Joe’s to a Chalice after winning his first High Rollers Tourney.

Skeeson I in Pittsburgh found Tony taking home the HRT and his team capturing the Chalice.

Skeeson I in Milwaukee, Jon also doubled up and took both the HRT and the Chalice.

And now Derek “Beers” Morgan put on his own V.I.Skee show in Boston by dominating the High Rollers Tourney, leading his squad The Cougar Hunters to a Chalice, and officially cementing his name among the best of the best.

Will this peculiar pattern continue or has it just been a coincidence the past few months? Do folks just get super hot on Super Saturday and can’t be stopped? We’ll find out in CLT on August 25th and RAL on Sept 8th!

And then we’ll see who the best of the best of these best is on November 3rd in Raleigh for Super Roll IV !

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  1. Coozie

    Love it! So proud of you kid!

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