Face of a Champion

With only 2 weeks left for Louisville Skeeson III the pressure is starting to rise.  The anticipation is building for Super Saturday and more people than ever have a chance to bring home some hardware.  The face of a champion is on display on the cover this week.  Who will it be?  After taking a look at some stats from the past skeesons it easy to say that without question this will be the most competitive tournament to date in Louisville.

People averaging over a 27 or better:                    # of 300+ games: 

Skeeson I:                    1                                                                   0

Skeeson II:                  9                                                   14 (6 different people)

Skeeson III:               15                                 17 (after 6 weeks, 8 different people)

.                          Avg Score of top 7 teams:                     High team score:

Skeeson I:                    727                                                               813

Skeeson II:                  794                                                               920

Skeeson III:                816                                                                978


.                         # of Full Fortys and Combos:

Skeeson I:                          3

Skeeson II:                        6

Skeeson III:                     15 (after 6 weeks)

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