Fare Well High Roller

As tonights first round Playoffs happen in Atlanta for Skeeson III. It is a sad night in the heart of most of the Rollers Andrew ‘The Kennesaw Kid’ Boyd and Scott ‘The Weatherman’ King say goodbye to former Skeemate and Champion Chalice MVP of Skeeson II Mitch ‘BluSkee’ Polaksy. The young left handed roller was there from the start in Skeeson I, where he played on ‘The Knights who say Skee’ and lost in the championship round. In Skeeson II, he started getting called coach and he help other rookie rollers find their 40. His team stayed undeskeeted during the regular skeeson play for for two skeesons.

Everyone knows his relentless passion for the fun that skeeball brings and his most epic match against Bearcat at Super Roll III in Atlanta where he took out the #1 seed in 9 Games of the NHRT. Mitch also got his team to the represent Sons of AnarSkee (Atlanta) in the Final Four at Super Roll.

Mitch ‘BluSkee’ Polasky this Vegas Bomb is and will always be for you…… CHEERS! Good Luck Friend with your future!

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