Is this sneaky the best team in the ‘Nation?

In Skeeson II they were named Bringing Sexskee Back and they won the Chalice. This skeeson, they changed names to Hungry Hungry Hundos — and they’re currently killing it, rolling a 978 in Week 4. On old school machines. 13 ft. old school machines.

The newer cities who have only known Beer Ball won’t have a clue what I’m talking about. And the older cities will have an inkling, but imagine the old school machines you used to play on. And then add 3 feet. This sh*t is cray.  At Super Roll III, Scull (sexy guy on the right) measured off three feet from the machines, put a piece of tape down and wrote “get on our level.” Truer words have never been written.

Sure, some of the Raleigh teams are currently throwing up 1100, 1200, and the occasional 1300+ scores. But they’re on Beer Ball. And they’re in the Money Ball skeeson. These kids are throwing up almost 1000 on old school 13 ft machines. Not even kidding when I say this could quite possibly be the best team in the ‘Nation. Super Roll IV: Chicago 11/3/12. Who really is the best of the best?

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  1. Jesskeeca

    Ready to see someone from Louisville take it at Super Roll!

  2. Mr.Burgundy

    1300+? Please. Try 1700+ (Skee Gen X). Still waiting to see a records page be created…

    • BFarrell

      Records page is in the works. And Skee Gen X will have a huge assterisk next to it. Yes, I said assterisk.

      • BFarrell

        PS You can yap all you want about records — you actually gonna show up to Super Roll this year?

        • Big Play Ray

          if you would get rid of the hundo rule for super roll there could be a discussion….. Why would we get the assterisk (lame) by the way?

          • Mr.Burgundy


      • Mr.Burgundy

        Not too sure why we would have an asterisk by our name seeing as there was no money ball that skeeson. But if being awesome gets you an asterisk then I guess we will take 2. If you would like to join the line of haters you may have a walk to get to the back.

  3. Jim G

    Damn. Sounds like Mr. Burgundy got shot down and called out. Let it also be known that there is a standing invitation for any team coming through Louisville to put up or shut up on the 13 footers ;) pizza’s on me

  4. Scull

    I will repeat: Get on our level. GET. ON. OUR. LEVEL.

  5. Toolman

    I actually like the 13′ machines more than the 10′ I think it’s easier to nail the 40’s I won so many prizes on the 13′ machines at Hershey park I was giving them away to the kids that had to suffer with their dads getting 150’s.

  6. Stat Boy

    Burgundy – the money ball is only 1 ball per frame. You have the possibility of gaining 10.0 extra points per game, or 90.0 for the whole game. If you could go hundos for the OTHER 6 frames? Do the math bro…if you averaged 35.0 a game, you have the potential for an extra 55.0 points per frame and 330.0 for the game.

    • Mr. Burgundy

      I think you are missing the point. If you are going to asterisk one team for rolling hundos, then any team that would be on the records page from skeesons before the hundo rule was put in effect would also have to have an asterisk as well. We are ALL aware that if there was no hundo rule, that the scores would easily be 1500+ every night with the super teams rolling well above that. Especially with these beer ball machines.

  7. Stat Boy

    PS – Farrell…you act like a Raleigh team never broke 1000 on the old machines. lol

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