Move over Miami, there’s a new Big Three

Garnett, Pierce, Allen.  James, Wade, Bosh.  John, TIC, Jeff.  Having been the leaders of their individual teams for the last two skeesons, they have had to watch as others drank from the Chalice.  They wanted, nah, they needed to make a change.  Do something drastic to shake up the rankings and leaders of the Louisville League.  One night, not so long ago, in a dark and damp basement, hovered over a wobbly poker table surrounded by half empty bottles of vodka they make their pact.  They were going to combine to take their talents to South Baxter.  With a new look, a new attitude, and I think Jeff is wearing a new blazer, they came out firing in week one.  TIC rolled his all time high 296 putting himself in 3rd overall and the team busted out what only a few teams have ever done before them by going over the 850 mark with an 855 and placing them squarely in second behind the reigning champs Hungry Hungry Hundos.

Can they keep up this crazy pace?  Will the pressure of bringing all these superstars together on one team be too much?  What happens in the 10th frame, who gets the final roll?  Can this team make it without a defined leader?  Will they ever finally decide on a team name?  All these questions and more will be played out in the next several weeks.  One thing is for sure, there is a lot of buzz now about the skeeson.  Tickets for their matches against both You Can’t Skee Me and Wheezin the Juiceskees have already sold out.  We’ll all be keeping an eye on the standings.  Too be honest, I think they have a good shot at the Chalice, so long as they don’t run into Dirk Nowitskee in the finals…

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