Myskeerion – Week 5


A quick column today, as I already missed my deadline.  I started humming “Call Me Maybe” on Sunday afternoon and just snapped back to reality now.  That song is a lifestealer.

A big thank you to Duke and the Duchess for having us all invade their place over the weekend.  The food was awesome, the bag o wine was bagtastic, and Duke thinks he’s way better at cornhole than he is.  No shock there.  But good times were definitely had by all (especially Everett), so thanks again.

The masses have spoken and Steve Robinson is officially “Fishsticks.”  I was hoping for Spanky, but you can’t win them all.  Welcome to the club Fishsticks.

Our nicknames are heavily Thursday-centric, so this week we’re going with Wednesday’s leader and Skeeson 2 high roller runner-up, Chuck Rogers.  Vote for your favorite.  If you want to be the next one to be nicknamed, make sure you’re active on the Boston Skeeball Facebook page.

1) The Duck
2) Schmoopy
3) Flounder
4) Velcro


We’re halfway through the season, so I took a look at the races brewing in the second half.

On Wednesday, Murder Skee Wrote’s worst score of the skeeson brought them back to the pack, and it’s looking like a two team race between them and Here for Beer.  Chuck (AKA The Duck AKA Schmoopy AKA Flounder AKA Velcro) has a nice lead in the individual race but a lot of people are right behind including Dave from Ponzi Skeem who really seems to have figured it out.  Nobody has multiple full forties, so that title is very much up for grabs.  Brian Aldridge has three combos, but none in the past two weeks, so Ted Pearce and Dave could definitely still catch up there.  Sam Reidy has the hundo lead but he’s been pretty inconsistent.  My money is on Stacey Burgess to take that title.

On Thursday, The Cougar Hunters have built up a nice lead over The Whiteskee Bulgers and D* P*, but the Boston Skee Party has a DNR so watch out for them once they make that up.  On the individual side, Everett is blowing the competition away with a 420 average.  Beers Morgan, Frank Davoli, and Chris Martin are going to try to make a run but I’m not optimistic.  Everett looks like he’ll be taking home the full forty crown again, with 6, but he’s going for hundos this year so maybe somebody can take him down.  Please, somebody, I’m tired of writing about this guy.  Nine people have a combo but nobody has two, so that one is anybody’s race.  Fishsticks of course has the only full fifty, so his title there is looking safe.  Beers Morgan has 50 hundos, including an incredible 16 in week 2.  He repeats, definitely.

Well rolled by all, now step your game up for the stretch run.  Skee you on the lanes!

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  1. Chuck

    Ummmmmm….what are any of those names about? I mean Steve is a gay fish, so that was easy, but what are any of these nicknames about? I would like to add ‘Pants” since that is a nickname I already hold.

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