Myskeerion’s Last Skeeson III Rant

Myskeerion is back for one more rant of skeeson III.  I will leave it completely up to Myskeerion on whether or not he/she wants to out themselves or forever remain a mystery.


Congrats to Boston Skee Party and Here for Beer for proving me to be a skee-nius by making the final four.  Two thumbs way down to Murder Skee Wrote and UConn Huskees for making me look like a skee-diot by crashing and burning.  Oh well, I’ll have to take 50%.  As for my pick to take the chalice, I was undecided until Thursday when Everett started making it rain hundos.  A 910?  You gotta be kidding me.  Boston Skee Party blows away the competition and takes home their second chalice.

As for the High Roller, Duke sent me the bracket (or, if you agree with my conspiracy skee-ory, I sent myself the bracket) and asked me for picks.  Uhhhhh, no.  I’m not picking 63 games, especially since with the hundo moneyball this year pretty much anything can happen.  What I will do is pick a few sleepers and my winner.  Here we go:


Lisa Ogawa – Give it up Lisa, we’re on to your little game.  This girl is way too consistent to be a true roofskee (skee what I did there I Got Rookskeed?!?!).  She just doesn’t miss, and in a three frame match I’ll take consistency.  She’s going deep, definitely.

Frank Davoli – Outside of Thursday’s top 2 of Everett and Derek, nobody has gone over 400 twice except for this fellow.  He’s not going to get flustered if his opponent puts up a 40+ because he knows he can beat it.  If he can dodge a bad round he’s got a real chance.

Scott Sinclair – What happened week 6?  This guy went from Here for Beer’s dead weight to a real threat in a split second.  I think he’s got a chance to be the last member of Here for Beer standing in the HRT (especially if DMS makes a reappearance) and avenge another potential final four disappointment.

Wild Card Semi-Finalist #2 – That’s right, I’m picking the mother of all upsets: whoever comes out of the wild card tournament as the #62 seed is doing their best Juwan Howard impression and shocking the world.  Number one Ev goes down in a fiery wreck but has last year’s HRT trophy and this year’s chalice to console him.

But the winner is…

Jay-Jay Ortega – If you haven’t seen this guy’s hundo game recently you need to get out more.  He’s been on a tear the past few weeks and he just experienced, and overcame, true pressure by knocking in the moneyball to send Alpine Skee Team packing.  He’s been there before but this time he’s going all the way.  Your Skeeson III HRT winner is Jay-Jay Ortega.  You heard it here first.

Well that’s it for me.  I don’t know if I’ll be invited back next skeeson or if I’m supposed to reveal my true identity and shock you all (except I’m Duke and everybody knows it, so it really won’t be much of a shock).  Either way it’s been fun rolling with you crazy kids all year.  Good luck and enjoy Super Saturday.


Skee you on the lanes!

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  1. Scott

    Thanks for the jinx, much appreciated.

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