Myskeerion’s Playoff Picks

Myskeerion is back with picks for the playoffs… 

It’s time to fill out those brackets!  Skee madness is here at last and Myskeerion is back to give you the inside info on burst bubbles, cinderellas, and diaper dandies.  Here are my picks for the first three rounds of the playoffs leading up to Super Saturday.  I’ll be back later in the week for High Roller and Final Four picks.

First Round

#1 vs. #16 Here for Beer vs. Dicki Betskees, Cougar Hunters vs. Bill Braskee

Gotta go chalk here.  I don’t see choke in the eyes of these #1 seeds and that’s what it would take for the mother of all upsets.

#2 vs. #15 Murder Skee Wrote vs. Mack-a-Roni & Skeese, Boston Skee Party vs. I was told there would be no math

Favorites go through here as well.  These are veteran teams putting up big scores consistently so I can’t pick against them

#3 vs. #14 Braveheart F Skee vs. Skeebler Elves, I got Rookskeed vs. Like a Skee 6

Here is where upsets get a little bit more likely in March Madness.  I’m not picking an upset in either one of these matchups but I’m expecting at least one of these games to go down to the final frame.

#4 vs. #13 Slow Your Roll vs. We Sexskee & We Know It, The Whiteskee Bulgers vs. Chuck Noriskee

More veteran teams with balanced scoring as favorites and I can’t make myself pick against them.  I had Chuck Noriskee and I crossed it out.  That’s going to be quite a match.

#5 vs. #12 Alpine Skee Team vs. Veni Vidi Viskee, UConn Huskees vs. Skee U Next Thursday

The overblown story of every March Madness is that the #12 seeds have a pretty good record against the #5 seeds.  I usually don’t buy it, but this is my first upset pick: VVV over the Skee Team.  I’ve been high on the Alpine group all year but something about the Veni Vidi Viskee crew tells me they’re ready to step up to the next level.  I’ve also been big on the Huskees all year and I’m sticking with that one at least through the first round.

(Editors Note: I agreed with the picks until now.  Call me Jay Bilas, but I will take chalk again here.  Alpine Skee Team is going deep into the playoffs… mark it down.)

#6 vs. #11 Ponzi Skeem vs. Skeelz Dat Killz, D* P* vs. Honey Badger Don’t Give a Skeet

UPSET ALERT: Honey Badger over DP.  These guys have been inconsistent but have shown that they’re capable of putting up a big number.  I think D* P* will overlook them and be sorry for it.  Ponzi Skee squeaks by after a slow start.

(Editors Note: If Honey Badger can get to a bar somewhere by 5pm, I agree with the pick.  Otherwise they will be too sober.) 

#7 vs. #10 Skeech and Chong vs. Skee You Later Alligator, Monkey Skee Monkey Do vs. The Skee Amigos

This is where the labels of favorites and underdogs starts to mean a lot less.  I’m taking both underdogs, Skee You Later and Skee Amigos take it personally that they’re not favored and put up big numbers.

(Editors Note: I’ll take the Gators and the Monkeys in this one.  Frank “The Tank” won’t let his team lose to a team dressed up in sombreros.)

#8 vs. #9 OMG Beckskee look at that butt vs. Jackasskees, It Ain’t Easy Being Skeezy vs. Little Lebowskee Urban Acheivers

More coinflip games and that’s exactly what I did to pick them.  Beckskee and Lebowskee move on in my bracket but I could see it going either way.

(Editors Note: My coin landed the same way, weird.)

Second Round

Here for Beer vs. OMG Beckskee

What I look for in a team built to go deep is a balanced attack and the brewskee boys have just that.  They march on.

Slow Your Roll vs. Veni Vidi Viskee

I just have a feeling about Veni Vidi Viskee this year.  I think both teams here put up really big numbers and Slow Your Roll walks away saying “We gave it our best and they beat us.”  Should be a great battle.

Ponzi Skeem vs. Braveheart F Skee

I’ve been hoping for this matchup all year.  These two teams really hit the ground running as Wednesday rookskees.  I’ve seen both perfecting their skills over recent weeks.  I’m torn on this one, but I gotta go Ponzi Skeem.

(Editors Note: Braveheart F. Skee wins this one easily.  Myskeerion apparently doesn’t know all… welcome to the playoffs Eric Mendes!  BOOM!)


Murder Skee Wrote vs. Skee You Later, Alligator

I’ve seen this Murderer’s Row slip up before, but I don’t see it this time.  I’ve got Murder Skee in this one.

Cougar Hunters vs. Lebowskees

I think the Cougar Hunters are vulnerable in any one game, but when playing back to back I think they find the zone…and when this team is in the zone, they win.

Whiteskee Bulgers vs. UConn Huskees

I have Whiteskee barely getting out of round 1, and if that happens I think they’re so happy to escape that they’re completely off in round 2.  UConn Huskees win big as Whiteskee puts up a skeeson low.

(Editors Note: Wow!  A skeeson low.  That’s harsh.  I like the pick!)


Honey Badger vs. I Got Roofskeed

In the playoffs in every sport there is always a team that gets hot at the right time and goes on a run.  I think it’s Honey Badger on the Thursday side.  Roofskeed falls behind early, makes a nice run, but needs hundos to go at the end and can’t get them.  Honey Badger moves on.

(Editors Note: Love this pick.  If Honey Badger wins round one, they also win round two.)

Boston Skee Party vs. Skee Amigos

Skee Party isn’t what I thought they were earlier in the skeeson, but I do think they’re the least likely of the top 4 to bow out early.  Skee Amigos does their best but don’t have enough firepower.

Third Round

Here for Beer vs. Veni Vidi Viskee

The first few rounds are for cinderellas.  The Final Four is for juggernauts.  I see only one juggernaut in this matchup.  Here for beer is the first team cutting down the nets.

Murder Skee Wrote vs. Ponzi Skeem

The classic matchup of old-timers versus young guns.  Skeeball isn’t perfected easily.  I’ve got Murder Skee riding the momentum and punching their ticket to the Final Four

(Editors Note: Murder Skee Wrote will need big hundo frames to have a chance… against Braveheart F. Skee.  I’ll take Braveheart F. Skee in the upset.)

Cougar Hunters vs. UConn Huskees

Another matchup that I’ve been hoping for all skeeson.  Cougar Hunters are tough, but something tells me they falter here.  I see this one going down to the last frame and something like a missed-fifty-into-zero bad break deciding it.  I’m picking the upset, UConn Huskees to the Final Four.

(Editors Note: You live and die by the hundo… and this year UConn dies by it.)

Boston Skee Party vs. Honey Badger

As with Veni Vidi Viskee, the dream has to end sometime and running into the Skee Party seems like as good a place as any.  I’ve got Skee Party in as the last final four team.

So, our final four is Here for Beer, Murder Skee Wrote, UConn Huskees, and Boston Skee Party.  Those matchups should definitely make for a Super Saturday.  Did I give your team less credit than you think you deserve?  Bring it on the lanes this week and on Super Saturday.  Legends are made in the postskeeson.

Skee you on the lanes, and good luck in the playoffs.  You’re going to need it.

Good stuff by Myskeerion.  Legends are indeed made in the postskeeson, however Murder Skee Wrote and UConn Huskees won’t be making history this skeeson.  Sam will be whistling by the time this match takes place and the UConn Huskees will have gone cold from hundo land!  Braveheart F. Skee and Cougar Hunters make it to Super Saturday, easily.  
I will take it one step farther and Myskeerion can comment back on my picks later in the week.  Chuck is on a mission this skeeson and Scott has never rolled better in his career(although he will be coming off a bachelor party from the night before).  Here For Beer takes down the Boston Skee Party and Ev instantly kicks John off the team.  On the other lane… Derek attempts to redeem himself from last skeeson but falls short on the last frame.  Braveheart F. Skee moves on.  
When the finals roll around… Ted has hit the scotch again and shows why his nickname is Drunkin McCeiling Stare(or whatever they call him).  At this point in the day, Lisa has started crushing combos and Full 50’s like they are going out of style… I’m taking the upset here kids!  Chuck throws Ted back into his corner and Braveheart F. Skee takes home the Champion’s Chalice. 
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  1. Captain Cougar

    Apparently someone hit the crack pipe early today.

  2. HAWK

    I’m agreeing with Capt Cougar here, someone definitely hit the pipe early! Roofskeed is used to the disrespect we’ve been getting all skeeson (although I’m a little surprised at the Editor!) but Myskeerion, at least get our name correct in your articles!!!!

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