Saved By The Ball: Gooooooo Bayside!

This team to me is the perfect set-up for how a team should be composed:  An all-star roller (CT), a skeesoned veteran (DMC), and a rookie roller (Brad). If I had my druthers, that’s how each team in the ‘Nation would be formed.

And so it made it even better when they advanced to the Final Four in the playoffs, then took down both the #1 seed and the #3 seed on their way to the Champions Chalice.  And not only were they good on the lanes, they were fun to follow off the lanes as well: with their Bayside High uniforms, their team chants, their online trash-talking, and they even went as far as to change their profile pictures to AC Slater, Kelly Kapowski, and Zak Morris during playoff week.

So congrats to Bayside High Skeeball Team, Skeeson X Champions!


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