Skeeson II Finale

Skeeson II and Boston’s 2nd Super Saturday are in the books.  The playoffs were as exciting as I have seen in any city and at least 6 matches came down the the final ball.  All the talk before the playoffs was about the Cougar Hunter’s and The Boston Skee Party, but Skeed Row knocked off Balls to the Wall in the finals to take home the Champions Chalice.

Justin had been talking about getting revenge on The Boston Skee Party since they lost in the finals last Super Saturday… and while they didn’t get to knock out The Boston Skee Party directly… Skeed Row did get to enjoy a beer shower!

The Baker knocked out Chuck in the High Rollers Tournament (HRT) on his final roll (pretty sure there is a video floating around FB) to take home the Skeeson II HRT Tournament.

Justin and Everett now both own a Chalice and an HRT title… but who is the better roller?  Will Skeeson III and the money ball change everything!?


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