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The Skeeball playoffs are a lot like the NBA playoffs… experience is everything.  The level of competition rises the farther you make it… and the finals are a completely different story.  The bar will be packed, the volume will be louder and the stakes will be higher.  It took Lebron James 3 tries in the NBA Finals before he finally brought home a ring.  You can’t learn how to manage your nerves until you have been there.  Ask the OKC Thunder… or Derek Morgan!

Derek’s nerves got the best of him last Super Saturday and he has been in a bad mental place ever since.  But last week there was a Beers Morgan siting!  The hundo finally started to fall again.  And how about Scottie to Hottie.  He has been going in the wrong direction since Season I… but last week he busted out with his highest score ever.  It’s great to see two of my favorite skeelebrities finally learning how to manage their emotions.  Watch out for these guys on Super Saturday!

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