The Banking King

Chuck Rogers has now solidified his spot amongst the elite rollers in Boston (at least of those that bank).  All jokes aside, Chuck can flat out roll.  A 375 average up the middle is pretty nasty, but in this league you also need to be able to hit a couple hundos if you want to become the High Roller come Super Saturday.  With the moneyball thrown into the mix, the last ball could potentially change the score by 200 points!

As competitive and Chuck is, I have no doubt that he will be sticking around for free-skee over the next 6 weeks and zoning in on the hundo holes.  There is a direct correlation between people who stick around for free-skee and the top rollers in the league.  We talkin’ bout practice!

Latest Comments
  1. Chuck

    1. This rookie banker made it all the way to the finals of the HRT and lost by 1 whole point to the leagues all-time best player. Not bad for a full-40 non-hundo banker.

    2. New official skee-inspired nickname: Banksy! Boom, nailed it. Please just skip the voting formalities and make it official. I’m designing my Banksy (the street artist) graffiti logo as we speak.

    3. Yes, I need to learn hundos. Your words have inspired me.

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