The Man with No Team


After two weeks of having his two actual teammates not make it out to roll, Ronnie here hasn’t blinked an eye.  His new found love of skeeball brings him out each week and his desire to get better and prove that he isn’t going to be just ‘some rookskee’.  He has a plan, a goal, a mission.  Because…”You see, in this world there’s two kinds of people, my friend: Those who hit hundos and those don’t. You dig.”  I’m pretty sure that’s the gist of what Clint Eastwood was trying to say in The Good The Bad and The Ugly, but regardless, Ronnie, is doing just that.

He is currently outpacing the field like nothing Louisville has seen before.  After two weeks, Ronnie has busted out 7 hundos.  Now maybe that doesn’t sound like a lot to you fancy new Beer Ball rollers.  But over here in the Bluegrass on the oldschool 14 footers that’s impressive (just ask Boyd, who made an appearance in Louisville a couple weeks ago).  Even more impressive is that there are only two other people who have even hit a hundo, and only one a piece at that.

I can remember when Ronnie first laid eyes on those hundos.  Up there in the corner of the machine.  It was the charity event before the skee-frees.  He eyed those bad boys like I’m currently eying my roomates seasoned grilled red potatoes he just brought in.  That look of, I know others might be after you, but you’re mine.  Regardless of whether that makes any sense or not, the league better be on notice.  Ronnie may or may not have a team with him when he rolls into league nights, but he’s gonna make some noise anyhow!

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