The UConn Huskees Jump Into 4th

Let’s be honest, who picked UConn to win the NCAA tournament last year?  No one, unless you went to UConn and picked them as a homer pick.  The talent on that team last year was overlooked… and I will not make the same mistake with the UConn Huskees this skeeson.

These guys showed up to skeeball week one this skeeson and weren’t sure what to make of our little skeeball league, typical rookskees!  They came out of the gates rolling low 200’s and barely breaking 700.  But over the last couple of weeks their scores have been getting better and better.  The big question is which team will show up in the playoffs… the week 5 team that rolled a 705 or the week 6 team that rolled a 945?  If the week 6 team shows up, the UConn Huskees could find themselves in the final four, rolling for a chance to win the Champions Chalice on Super Saturday.

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  1. BFarrell

    I picked UConn in all of my brackets last year and won some serious $$$. True story.

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