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Well folks its playoff time here at Skeenation Atlanta and that means Super Saturday is just around the corner. I hope that you are all ready for the best Saturday of your lives. It will be filled with day drinking, slow claps, terrible singing and most importantly SKEEEBAALLLLL!!! Put on your Lady Panties and Big Boy pants on and step it up.


Round 1




Whats Long Hard and Full of Skeemen vs. Sexskee Ladies- Huge talent differences here and I just dont think that the Ladies have a chance. They will be bowing out of this tournament early I believe, however it will make for a nice tune up match for the Skeemen since they haven’t rolled in several weeks.


The Big Lebowskee vs. Skeena Mana- Straight toss up really but I have to choose so its comin down to Ward ‘Third Guy’ Bickford. If he shows up to roll tomorrow then they will win it! It is the game to watch and I know for fact that Alex and Heidi will be running late to the game which means no warm ups.

Skees Of Kennesaw vs. Skeepin It Real- Skees are gonna roll in this one they have only really been tested once and it didnt end up to well for em. We will probably win handily in this match.


Skeebaggers and All in the Famskee- Ive never seen the Skeebaggers roll all at one time and if they dont show up together tonight there are no make ups. I see All in the Famskee takin this one!!!!




Skees on a Plane vs. Hootskee and the Blowfish- Hootskee needs a sub for Blueskee seeing as he has skeetired and moved on as of Thursday morning. We love you Blueskee and we will miss you a lot. That said Skees on a Plane will have no trouble at all.


Its Like Throwing a Hotdog Down a Skeelane vs. Oxskee Morons- Straight toss up with this one too. I have no idea who is gonna win this one at all but I’m pickin Oxskee Morons so I dont have to type that other name again. (note for the future: pick shorter freakin names please)


Murder She Skeed vs. Skee Z Top- The girls of Murder She Skeed are going to take this one based on their past playoff experience. These girls know what it takes to win this thing look for them to make a good run.


Let’s Get Skeesyical vs. Top Skee- Bearcat has been rolling well all season until recently where he has been missing some hundo’s. That might affect him in the later rounds but not this time. Top Skee wins this one.


Elite 8


Skeemen vs. Skeena Mana- The games are getting tougher for the Skeemen but Skeena Mana just doesn’t have the legs to run with the big dogs yet. Skeemen move on to the next round.


Skees Of Kennesaw vs. All in the Famskee- We barely beat these guys last time around. I rolled terrible and couldnt get my game together. This time will be much different, however I do expect this match to be very close. Skees of Kennesaw move on to the final four.


Skees on a Plane vs. Oxskee Morons- I have been callin Skees on a Plane my favorite for the chalice all year and I’m not backing off that now. (Big hint as to who is winning right) They move on after a tough match.


Murder She Skeed vs. Top Skee- I just dont think that Bearcats hundos will hold up and Murder She Skeed has the talent to win this one if Bearcat falls flat on his face. Im callin an upsett and saying that the girlst take this one.



Final 4:


Skeeman vs. Skees Of Kennesaw- I hate pickin myself to loose but we dont have the legs to keep up with these guys either. We will try our best and its gonna be a good match but in the end the Skeeman come out on top.


Skees on a Plane vs. Murder She Skeed- I already told you that Skees on a Plane are gonna win it all and they will get through Murder She Skeed to do it.





Skeemen vs. Skees on a Plane- TKK is gonna have an epic collapse just like he did in skeeson 1 and Skees on a Plane will take full advantage of it. Look for TKK to be cursing and hitting things all afternoon. You all know how serious he gets when there is hardware on the line. He will be very upsett. I know I’ve seen it. However this will be the real reason Marvelous Mel needs that hardware to step out of the Shadows of Bearcat! Shooter has had an epic skeeson finishing Skeeson II as number 28 overall to number #7 this skeeson. Then the best clutch roller in my opinion Black Magic! Enjoy your moment and drink up the beer taste great out of the chalice!

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