3 Men and a Babeskee: Eat, Sleep, Skee, Repeat

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CT, Dustin, and TJ know a thing or two about skeeball. But when it comes to babies, they’re all wet.

Ah yes, a tale as old as time. Three skeesoned veterans who are no strangers to high scores and late nights, decide to team up and take on the task of winning the Chalice. But what they weren’t ready for was the surprise babeskee that was about to take over their lives. Watch as they trade in Combos, Hundos, and PBRs for butt wipes, burping, and baby bottles in a laugh out loud comedy for the ages!

After Week 1 when they rolled an 858, highly-acclaimed critic John Taffer (from the SpikeTV hit show Baby Rescue) was screaming “Shut it down! Shut it down! This absolutely disgusts me!”  But then they put up 1000+ scores in both Wk 2 and Wk 3, it lead to very optimistic reviews from some of the industry’s harshest critics!

“This is the type of thing that has the chance to not only revolutionize the game, but how we as a people think about our lives in general. I’m excited to see how they’ll do this fall.” — Drew Brock, Brock’n’Roll The Clip movie blog

“Different kind of bottles, different kind of throw up, different kind of changing clothes. It’s a bold bold move to pull this kind of a huge change on the skeeball crowd, but if anyone can pull this off, it’s those three guys.” — Dave Stone, Stone Paper Scissors movie review

“A baby….in a bar?!?!? Eh, why not.” — Scott Mears, Body by Scotty fitness magazine

So tune in this fall and see what everyone’s raving about:  3 Men and a Babeskee, coming soon to a lane near you!


PS Worth noting that you can actually watch 3 Men and a Baby, in its entirety, on YouTube. Here’s the link. So if you have an hour and 45 to kill at work, might as well go for it. It’s not like you’ve seen the movie since it first came out in 1987.

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