A bdee-bdee-bdee, Don’t sleep on the Boozeskees!

Vol III Issue 6 copy resized

I’ve never seen a team miss the first two weeks of the skeeson before then come out rolling like this.  But then again these aren’t your average run of the mill rollers we’re talking about here.  The Boozeskees have been playing since Skeeson I  and my inside sources tell me that they were were merely resting up in Florida and giving the other teams a two week head start. And that’s probably one of the better strategies I’ve ever heard of. Because when Week 7 and 8 finally get here and other teams are starting to hit the wall, the Boozeskees will be just amping up and getting ready for the playoffs. Who knows, they might even be saving up a few 1000+ games for when it really counts!

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