Alex shows off his Roll Face. Is it good enough to impact the playoff rankings?

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Friends? Rivals? Frienemies? Any three of these terms could be used to describe Team Ham and Red, White, and Balls….and currently they’re sharing the middle of the pack this skeeson. HAM in 7th place and Red White and Balls up in 6th.

However, Alex went HAM himself last week, throwing up his skeeson high of a 279. And so excited was he that he flashed the entire bar his “Roll Face”.  And immediately following there were swooning females falling all over the lanes. I mean, how do you resist a sexy visage like that?

If Alex can keep up the high-rolling hijinx, he and the rest of HAM could cause some playoff upsets.

PS DO NOT sleep on Red, White, and Balls. Vicki and Booner live for the playoffs and if Melanie gets back to her Week 1 and Week 3 ways, they’re going to be making major waves in the Chase for the Chalice!

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