Can Rowdy Roddy break the Perfect Game record this skeeson?

Vol XVIII Issue 6 copy resized

Week 1 in the books and Rowdy Roddy with 1 perfect game in the books. At this pace, he’ll shatter Gatskee’s record of 3 in a skeeson. For those of you newbies wondering what a perfect game is, it’s when you roll all 9 balls into the 100 hole…and it’s damn near impossible. As in we’ve only had a handful of folks do it ever. And even less do it in league play. Josh “The Great Gatskee” Ganeles rolled 3 last skeeson in Raleigh and no one else has come even close to that. Could Sir Rodric Lenhart of Crocodile Dunskee be the may to take down that record? If I were a gambling man, I’d say yes, yes, and double me down again on yes.

PS Roddy’s teammate Johnny V rolling a 315? WOOF! And could be the sole reason Roddy doesn’t bring home another Chalice this skeeson.

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