CLT XVIII HRT Bracket Released!

Skeeson XVIII High Rollers Tourney copy

Lots of exciting matchups! Here are just a few:

A battle of the sisters as #15 Jane takes on #18 Lindsay.

#14 Jackson takes on his wife’s cousin when he matches up against #19 Amanda.

The Mr. Clean Match-up goes to #12 Jeremy vs #21 Charles, who both have two of the cleanest/shiniest shaved heads I’ve ever seen!

Teammate battle: #9 Big Mike vs. #21 Crystal.

Former teammate battle: #16 Amethyst vs #17 Jim

Check out all the action this Saturday at 1:30!!

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  1. Mel Kiper Jr.

    Here’s wishing my boy, JV, good luck! Mel Kiper Jr.’s playoff predictor calls for Roddy, West, Kitten, and Hammer to make the semis.

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