Craig is your Skeeson XIII Rookskee of the Year!

Vol XIII Issue 13 copy resized

I don’t think we’ve ever had a rookskee run away with the Rookskee of the Year competition as much as Craig did this skeeson. Just absolutely dominated the rest of the field. A 31.53 average with 3 combos and 35 hundos…..with one week of regular skeeson play left. Crazy. If I’m a vet and I’m facing off against him in the High Rollers Tourney, I’m going to be a little nervous. As a matter of fact, I wouldn’t be shocked if you see Craig in the Final Four of the HRT on Super Saturday. You heard it here first!

Unless of course he chokes under the pressure and loses first round. In which case, ignore the above paragraph.

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  1. Joan Granales

    This guy smells wonderful

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