Heebie Skeebies making it rain all skeeson long!

Vol IV Issue 6 copy resized

Some people may have found it odd when James “The Weatherman” Butz showed up to skeeball in a rain jacket. But then again, those people aren’t on a team comprising of both the Full 40 leader and the Full 50 leader.  And none of them could have forecasted how well this squad would roll this skeeson.

That’s right, Heebie Skeebies is on a tear so far: breaking 1000 in all three matches they’ve played. No one else has even sniffed at the 1000 mark yet this skeeson, so while it might be a little early to say the Chalice is theirs to lose, you wouldn’t be completely out of line with that statement.

And The Weatherman is already predicting Heebie Skeebies forecast for the remainder of the skeeson.  When reached at his office at The National Weather Service, he only made one statement before quickly hanging up: “I predict a torrential downpour in the second half of the skeeson, lots of 40s and 50s exploding onto the lanes. People may want to take cover as there may be an occasional Hundo thrown in there by Bridget. And I wouldn’t even be surprised if some records were broken. I’d highly recommend folks invest in a rain jacket and possibly even some galoshes…the rainstorm is coming and no one is safe.”

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