“I’m focused, man!” says the guy in the very unfocused picture…

Vol XVIII Issue 3 copy resized

I would do my usual song and dance about this skeeson being up in the air and anyone can win it and blah blah, but from the sounds of it Roddy, Johnny V, and Amethyst are reuniting to go after their third Chalice. And unless Katrina finds two folks who can nail hundos like she can, the Dynasty squad might be walking home with another title at the end of this skeeson.

But then again, it’s been awhile since those three played together. They had to breakup due to the draft last skeeson, and then they rolled less than stellar at Super Roll in November. So maybe their time has passed. Maybe they won’t have anywhere near the same chemistry as they used to.  Maybe….just maybe….it’s the year of the Kat. Kat Cade, to be specific!  I hope she pulls together one hell of a squad (Craig is a free agent, just sayin’….) and gets that Chalice she’s been after for so long!

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