Is NHskee the Real Deal?

Vol I Issue 8 copy resized

After a rocky start in Wk 1, rolling a 580, NHV stepped their game up for Wk 2 and put up a 671. In Wk 3 they had prior obligations and had to take the DNR. But in Wk 4 they came in hot, rolling a 714 — the third highest score of the night and their team skeeson-high!

If NHV can continue to produce and increase their scores, they could be ripe for upsetting one of the higher seeds come playoffs!

PS Is that a bicycle built for two in their logo? I think everyone knows about my affinity for bicycles built for two. I even wrote a song about them that skyrocketed to #7 on the 2010 Children’s Music Billboard Charts. I tried to post it below, but YouTube is blocking it for some reason. If I can get it to post later, I’ll definitely fix it.

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