James finds Jackpot in Wk 1! Can he lead the Heebies to the Grand Prize?

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I’ve said it since the pre-skeeson and I’ll repeat it again: I think this just might be the skeeson of destiny for the Heebie Skeebies. This will be their fourth skeeson playing and they’ve come very close to the Chalice every time thus far, but not been able to actually capture it.

James came out hot in Wk1, putting up a 374 including a Full 50 and a Combo. And 0 hundos. That’s right folks, a 374 without hitting any hundos. Pretty incredible.

Now the true test will be when Adam returns to the squad. Their Week 1 score of 1049 was a little inflated due to Superstar Timmay filling in.  So we’ll see what they’re really made of when the whole squad returns again. Can Adam and Bridget keep up with James and get that championship they so covet? Or are they doomed for another skeeson of disappointment?

To quote James after his Week 1 match when asked about his Full 50 and Combo:  “None of that matters. It’s all about the Chalice this skeeson. I came here to do two things this skeeson: Eat some combos and get that Chalice.  And I’m all out of combos!”

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