Meet a few of the new rookiezzzzzzzzz…

Vol XVIII Issue 9 copy resized


Long story short, these two rooks pictured above have specifically requested early matches due to their early morning work hours.  And when I say requested I mean “no seriously, you can’t schedule us past 8pm. We’ll fall asleep at the bar.”

I’ve busted their chops quite a bit about this, but they claim in only a few short weeks, their schedules will change significantly and they’ll be hanging out late and partying it up with the crowd. I guess time will tell on that one.  But in the meantime, what do you think these early risers dream about while we’re still rolling games at the bar? Nailing their first Full 40? Hitting all the hundos and taking down Roddy in the championships? Or maybe they have visions of that dreamboat Johnny V flexing for them?

So here’s to a few weeks from now when Rachel and Dana show the world what they’re made of — both on and off the lanes!

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