Meet the new Boss

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Sneaky. Sly. Smart. All of these words could be used to describe Cory Burell after the mastermind move he pulled off in the weeks leading up to Skeeson XII. And I don’t think anyone saw it coming, which is the greatest part of the whole deal.

Signing Stat Boy (out of retirement) and Scooter (probably the most sought-after Free Agent of this generation) to his squad has to go down as one of the greatest management moves since the Miami Heat convinced Lebron (gross) to come down and play with D Wade.

But the questions are out there now. Did Cory manipulate and manage this thing perfectly or did he bribe and pay these superstars to sign on the dotted line?  We may never know the truth, but we will be able to tell pretty quick whether this team is destined for greatness, or if they’ll be unable to roll well together and become the butt of every horrible (horrible!) Jay Leno monologue joke.

Stay tuned…

Latest Comments
  1. The Great Gatskee

    Maybe no one saw this coming, but no one is surprised either.

    Some people just feel they have to stack a team like they are playing Super Roll. Weaksauce.

  2. Joan and Jeff Ganeles

    Now Josh that’s not very nice. Don’t hate on people because they want the only thing you will never have. Well not the only thing. There’s sex, blowjobs (from a non inflatable object), and love from us but you get the point. BTW don’t come home for Passover with that nasty attitude still in tact.

  3. The Great Gatskee


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