MKE Skeeson III Super Saturday recap!

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Yeah yeah, I know MKE’s Super Saturday was a few weeks back, but with their first Free Skee/Registration of Skeeson IV coming up tomorrow, I figured I should probably get around to posting their SS recap.

Now let me just begin by saying these two story lines couldn’t be any further apart from each other.

On the one hand, we have the Whiskee Dicks. They absolutely dominated all skeeson long. Sure, a few of the teams had some high scores here and there, but I think the entire league knew the Chalice was theirs to lose. And Scott, Tim, and Justin knew it as well. So come Super Saturday morning, they showed up rocking full dress suits. They meant business and they weren’t afraid to let everyone know it – and that’s exactly what they did, taking home the Chalice and title of Skeeson III Champions.

And on the other hand, you have Emily who won the High Rollers Tourney. A rookie roller and virtual unknown outside of Milwaukee. While he may not have finished the skeeson as the #1 seed, the experts still liked him at #4 and most of them had full expectations that he would handily capture his third consecutive HRT title — which would have been a SkeeNation record.  But Jon boy was not ready for what was in store for him in the Finals.  The #23 seed named Emily who happened to catch fire at the exact right time on the exact right day. And she had the BBC in the palm of her hand during that tourney. With each upset she pulled off, the buzz would grow a little louder. Until it was her and Jon in the championship match. And at that point, the entire crowd was on her side, cheering her on and heckling Jon. And that much mental strain can take a toll on even the strongest of competitors. In the end, Emily and her legion of fans took down the mighty Jon and went home with the title of best roller in Milwaukee!!

Will Jon attempt to redeem himself in Skeeson IV? Will Emily be recruited by some of the stronger rollers in order to compete with the likes of the Heebie Skeebies who’ve been picked as pre-skeeson favorites?

So many questions and only one way to find out the answers: the first Free Skee/Registration of the skeeson!  Wed night, 5/15 at 7pm at BBC! Skee there or skee square!

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