Roddy takes on the Vegas Challenge…and brings down the house!

Vol XVIII Issue 10 copy resized

As of halfway through the skeeson, no one in Charlotte had rolled a Full 50.  That hadn’t happened since Skeeson XIII. So I chatted with my bookies in Vegas and asked them to set the odds on each roller in Charlotte being the first to roll a Full 50 this skeeson. They came back with the odds ranging anywhere from 1:1 (Rowdy Roddy) all the way up to 65:1 (for a few of the less than likely candidates.)

And sure enough, as is the case 99.9%of the time, Roddy rose to the occasion and rolled not one but two Full 50s in his first match since the Vegas challenge had been issued. Will he roll a few more before skeeson’s end?

PS Speaking of Vegas, there’s apparently a quick skeeball scene in The Hangover 3 where they say this quote.  I can’t find it anywhere online yet, nor have I seen the flick personally, but when I do I’m hoping it lives up to all the texts/emails I’ve received about it!

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