Rowdy Roddy brings the ruckus to Raleigh!

Vol XIII Issue 7 copy resized

Roddy came through Raleigh last week and was picked up as a sub by Gatskee’s team. Roddy did what Roddy does and rolled one hell of a match (starting off the match with an 81 in his first frame), putting up a 442.  So most folks would surmise that Roddy being in town was the sole reason “Whatever It’s Just Skeeball” jumped their team score up 350 points from the previous week.

However, you gotta keep in mind that Gatskee’s team rolled like shiiiiiittttt last week. So it was inevitable that their scores would jump this week. Russian improved his score by 73 points, and Gatskee jumped his by 90 points. If Wheeler had been in town and improved his dismal 255 from Wk 1 by at least 100 (which we all know he’s capable of), then they still would have rolled close to a 1200.

So yeah, Roddy was a hell of a pickup as a sub, but don’t for one second think “Whatever it’s just skeeball” isn’t capable of those scores on their own.

PS Guarantee Gatskee rolls a 500+ match this skeeson. Book it.

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