Rowdy Roddy continues to run shop on the CLT lanes!

Vol XVIII Issue 4 copy resized

A few things to note here:

a) No surprise that Roddy won another Free Skee tourney. But man, wouldn’t it be cool if I could call him the greatest in the ‘Nation? Maybe next year, because for now that title sits squarely on the shoulder of his boy Ehren “WonderBoy” Link.

b) Does anyone ever stop to comprehend how hard it is to win a tourney with a full-fledged neophyte as your partner? It’s one thing to be a pretty decent roller and have a quasi-decent vet as your partner….or even a rookie for that matter. But this chick Lindsey came in and gave me the old “I haven’t played since I was 9 at Chuck E. Cheese” line, and judging by her first roll I think she was being 110% real with that statement. But then Coach Roddy came into the picture and taught her the ways of the lanes. Pretty impressive.

c) If you had an awesome nickname like “Rowdy Roddy” and were arguably one of the best skeeballers in the ‘Nation, wouldn’t you promote yourself / your brand more? I’ve only seen Roddy wear the Scottish kilt once (a few Super Saturdays ago) and he’s never come out to entrance music or openly taunted his opponents or anything.  Time to capitalize on that, man. Brand Marketing 101.


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