The Charlotte Rookie Race heats up!

Vol XVIII Issue 11 copy resized

With just two weeks of regular play left, the rookskee race is super tight and every  ball rolled could decide which one of these young rollers walks home with the Rookskee of the Year title!

Here’s a look at their head to head stats through the first 6 weeks:

Dave            Amanda

  1. 273                306
  2. 284                291
  3. 301                258
  4. 313                323
  5. 283               304
  6. 306               290

Honestly, if it weren’t for Wk 3, I think Amanda would be running away with this thing. but like I said, with two weeks left, it’s too close to call just yet. But now with the spotlight thrust brightly upon them, we’ll see who rises to the challenge and who hides behind the curtains!

PS Did anyone see this Mystery Mike kid that subbed in for It Burns When I Skee Bill F’n Murrskee last week?  He found his 40/50 within the first few balls and then proceeded to roll really damn well for someone who had never played before. Finished with a 274!  Good guy to keep in mind for those of you looking for some new rollers next skeeson!



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