The Unsolved Case of the Missing Elly…

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Accidental Hundos are absolutely crushing is this year. Michelle (not to be confused with the one-L’d Michele on the Skeemers) has been tearing it up, averaging a 33.63. And Jen, who had a pretty slow start to the skeeson, has found her roll the past two weeks, putting up a 350 and a 365!

While those numbers are impressive and this team seems to be coming on strong in the second half of the skeeson, that’s not why we’re here today. We’re here to discuss our beloved Elly. She’s been missing for over two weeks now and people are starting to talk. Was there a major catfight behind the scenes and Elly quit/was booted off the squad? Has Elly traded in her skeeball nights for the local curling league? Did Jen realize that Elly was holding her back from her true potential and lock the poor soul up in her basement? In all honesty, that scenario seems the most feasible, especially if you look at Jen’s scores in relation to Elly’s “mystery disappearance”.

Listen, I’m not saying Jen’s a kidnapper and might have dozens of people tied up in her basement. I’ve never been in her basement so I can’t speak to that. But what I am saying is Elly is MIA and Jen’s scores have jumped off the charts. You do the math.  And if by chance Elly shows up for Week 6 and Jen’s scores drop again, don’t be surprised if we never hear from Elly ever again…

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  1. Jen

    Elly ate our Combos snacks, so we ate Elly. Bwahahahaha! Or…she was on vaycay and has come back refreshed! Accidental Hundos will come back this week as strong as ever!

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