They’re no Gynos, but they’re trying to take a look at the #2 seed!

Vol I Issue 12 copy resized

I’ve been doing this skeeball thing for quite a while now and I’ve never….I mean NEVER seen a race for a playoff seed come this close and down to the wire like this before.

There are three teams (I’m no Gyno (pictured above), Lebowskee Urban Rollers, and Neighborhood Hops n Vine) separated by a measly 2 points:  4955 to 4954 to 4953. And they’re all battling for the #2 seed in the playoffs. With #3 and
#4 seeds for the two teams that don’t roll as well tomorrow night.

This is the case where literally every ball of every game of each match absolutely matters. Which team will roll well in Week 8 and capture the #2 seed?  Get ya popcorn ready!!

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