A Secret Obsession with Skeeball

Every week people come up to me and tell me stories about their weekends; some are funny, some are boring and some I’ve heard a million times.  But last week Chelsey from “I was told there would be no math” (one of my favorite teams and team names of all time) came running up to me and told me she had to tell me about a dream she had.

Now if you know or have ever met Chelsey, you can imagine the possibilities of where this could go.  So she looks at me, with the excitement of someone who just won the lottery, and proceeds to tell me that the other night she had a dream about rolling a perfect 900, hitting hundo after hundo and saying to herself while it was happening(at least in her dreams)… “This is real, oh my god, this is real!”.  That is just awesome!  Not many people (3) have ever rolled a perfect game… but I have NEVER heard of someone dreaming about it.  I bet when she woke up she must have been absolutely devastated to find out that it was all a dream!


Latest Comments
  1. Dr. Krane

    Cool story bro.

  2. Duke

    Still laughing… best dream ever!

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