Is this the best homemade skeeball machine yet?

Microsoft skeeball machine

We’ve covered previous homemade skeeball machines before.  First there was the skeeball machine made out of pizza boxes and solo cups, which was pretty creative and rather thrifty as well.  And then there was the guy that spent way too many hours/weeks/months building a skeeball machine made 100% out of K’nex.

But this one pictured above gets extra points in my book. It wasn’t created by a kid sitting at home eating pizza, or a lego geek with too much time on his hands. No, this one comes courtesy of some desk jockeys just looking to get their skeeball on. And because of that, this is my favorite. Well, and the fact that they used tangerines/oranges on the top of the machine as the lights.

The only question that remains is what did they use for skeeballs? Surely after all this work they didn’t settle for rolled up pieces of paper/tape as skeeballs, right?

(In order to protect his identity, I won’t reveal the name of the person that submitted this pic, nor where he works. But let’s just say that a guy named Shomas Thaffer who may or may not work for Sicromoft Corporation has some pretty fun/creative co-workers!)

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