Skeeson XI Pre-Skeeson Rankings!

First off, congrats to Mikey G and Rodney. Found out they were skeemates on Thursday night, then got randomly paired up for the 2 on 2 tourney and dominated the whole thing. Pretty good sign for their squad heading into Week 1!

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for…..


Doing the pre-skeeson rankings is a lot like the race pictured above. You never quite know who’s going to get a quick start, who’s going to run steady the whole way, and who’s going to trip and fall on their face.

That being said, we’ve polled the experts and analysts and the Pre-Skeeson Top 5 Rankings have been released:

  1. Nichole Boone / Leigh Ellen / Leslie
    Could this finally be the skeeson when an all-female team takes home the Chalice? This squad just screams powerhouse and they should have no trouble breaking 900 each week.
  2. Gatskee / DMC / Ryan D*
    Better question: could this finally be the skeeson Gatskee gets a Chalice? With Dawn riding high off her Championship last skeeson, and Gatskee continually proving he’s the Charles Barkley/Karl Malone of the league, if they can mold this rookie Ryan into a solid 300 roller anything is possible.
  3. Evan / Mike Pizza* / Vicki
    If we’re doing real talk here, Evan could have two armless blindos on his team and he’d probably still make the Pre-Skeeson Rankings because he’s just that good. But he doesn’t have armless blindos, he’s got Mike Pizza, who is an early front-runner for the Rookskee of the Year, and Vicki who stepped it up big time last skeeson and ended up winning the Wild Card Tourney! Easily at least a #3 squad, and you’ll more than likely see them playing on Super Saturday.
  4. Farrell / Mikey G / Rodney
    Everyone likes to sleep on Farrell, but little do they know that he’s been practicing like crazy the past few weeks. Mikey G has found his Hundo and fears no man on the lanes. And Rodney had a huge breakthrough at the end of last skeeson as he found his bank and the ensuing 40. The fact that this team tumbled to #4 in the rankings is directly related to the $4 Jameson served within 10 feet of the Beer Ball lanes.
  5. Cory / Brad / Meredith
    After Cory and Brad’s rookskee rivalry / bromance last skeeson, they ended up on the same squad during the draft, which will prove to be a powerful 1-2 punch for any opponent. Throw Mere-Bear in the mix and you’re looking at a solid squad. She has been off for a skeeson, so she may be a little rusty, but in her last skeeson playing (Skeeson IX), she won the Wild Card Tourney!

Upset because your squad didn’t make the Pre-Skeeson Rankings? Well then get out there and prove the experts wrong!

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  1. Stone aka Coach

    “Upset because your squad didn’t make the Pre-Skeeson Rankings? Well then get out there and prove the experts wrong!”
    Boom Done! Enough said!

  2. The Great Gatskee

    about those pre-skeeson predictions…

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