Hot Links (the best ones yet!)

When Farrel gave me this little assignment over these ten-ish days, I knew I was up for the challenge…and I was especialy excited about doing the Hot LInks, which he’s been slacking on big time.  He told me if I kicked ass on the Hot Links that I could do them all the time. Yee-haw!  I love finding funny sh*t on the internet, so here we go:

1) Lebron James is a B*tch! This one’s a personal touch for Farrell becuase I know how pissed he was when Lebron left Clevaland (waring – some foul language in this clip) –

Plenty more Hot Links below, so click the damn link!

2) Apparently there’s an ice problem in Dublin, and the camera guy didn’t feel like warning this pour guy:

(I couldn’t get the video to embed, so just click on the link, its worth it.)

3) Check out this extreme waterslide! Kinda cool! (Yeah yeah, I can’t get this thing on the site either, just click the links people, thats why their called Hot Links!)

4) A pretty creepy/funny/plausible facebook murdr mystery scenario

5) Drunks vs. Highs? If this were a real show it would be a huge hit!

6) Guy parks like an idiot every single day. This guy has to be either high or drunk to park his car like this every single day:

7) Lemme guess, your single? Hahahaha. Funny ass commercial courtesy of Johnny V:

8-  Beer Popsicles? Yes Please!

9) Beer Soap? Double Yes Please!
The only beer I’ve ever heard Farrell purposely order and enjoy (with the exception of Bud Light, we love you Bud Light!) is DogFish 90. He loves that stuff. Well, I think I just foound the perfect Xmas gift for him! By the way, is that a short and curly on the bar of soap? GROSS!

10) A Pop-Tarts Restaurant! Hell yeah!
The only thing better than this would be a Pillsbury Toaster Struedel Restaurant! ALthough I’m kinda torn between this pop tarts restaurant and that Cereal restaurant from a few months ago. But if someone were to come out with a bacon restaurant that would trump everything.

11) Desktop Skeeball!

Come on, you knew I was going to throw something about skeeball in here.  I like this guys creativity, but his skills are weak.  A 160 – jesus.

I don’t know about you, but I think I just rocked the Hot Links!  Farrell, buy me a beer when you get back! Se everyone tomorrow with a funny video or something!

-Mr. X

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