Is Brad the soon-to-be MVSkee of the league?

Vol I Issue 9 copy resized

Brad started out the skeeson SUPER hot, rolling a 275 in Week 1 and an incredible 292 in Week 3. But then something happened. Maybe he was distracted by an attractive female on the other lane. Maybe he had one too many of Cahaba’s delicious beverages. Or maybe the pressure of being the best roller in town started to get to him. Because in Week 4 he rolled a 246 and then followed it up with a 231 in Week 5.

If he can harken back to his rolling form from Weeks 1 and 3, he should be golden to capture the MVSkee. But if he continues to slip up and nosedive, he’s got quite a few other rollers right on his tail and ready to claim the top spot as theirs, including Kyle, Roger, Casey, and Hal.

With three weeks of league play left, this should be a close race for MVSkee. Currently, it’s Brad’s to lose. Let’s see if he rises to the challenge in Week 6!

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